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We meet a growing number of leaders who are interested in a strengths and solutions-based approach to leadership, one that is appropriate for the 21st century and brings out the very best in people. They recognise that organisational success is enduring only when employees contribute their full value through optimising their strengths and reducing performance risks.

But most leaders lack a clear route map to help them translate the philosophy into action and measurable results. Stretch – Leading Beyond Boundaries – aims to do just that. Through a short and engaging fable of a leader discovering the power of this research-based approach, it provides practical advice and tools to help leaders optimise their  unique strengths and learn 4 powerful Leadership Habits to positively stretch themselves, their team and their organisation.

Outcomes you can expect include:

  • Clear vision and sense of purpose
  • Engaged employees who bring passion to their jobs and the organisation
  • Processes that work and are innovative
  • Higher levels of productivity and performance



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As a former Olympic medallist and current Olympic coach, I can't agree more with a strength-based strategy. There is just so much more potential in people’s strengths rather than fussing at the edges with their weaknesses. In addition, people are much happier working to their strengths and I know that happy athletes make better athletes. Paul and James’ novel way of demonstrating the power of strengths and its four habits to build powerful leadership teams is captivating and like all good novels, very difficult to put down. I strongly recommend this book to all leaders and leaders to be.

Bill Barry, Managing Partner
Personal Best International Ltd

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